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Give Big Green Bay a Success!

Give Big Green Bay is now a tradition in the Brown County area and we were honored to be a part of it. This 24-hour online giving event has been designed to transform the way the surrounding community thinks about and contributes to local charities.

This year, the event raised over $2 million for 45 local charities with myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin donors generously giving close to $8,000 for a notable reason.

One of the exciting new endeavors at myTEAM TRIUMPH WI (mTT) surrounds the fitness app, Zwift. This app (along with some specialized equipment) can be used as a fun tool to keep active indoors and connected to a community far beyond the myTEAM TRIUMPH WI scope. Athletes of all abilities from around the world use this app (nearly 500,000 to be exact) to train in the areas of cycling, running and more! From this app, athletes can choose to ride or run on courses all over the world and are joined by real-time companions and can chat, compete and challenge one another. For us, the physical benefits of exercising on this program fails in comparison to the mental health benefit of being able to join a community of like minded peers from the safety of home.

After 2 months of testing, mTT is ready to take this new program statewide! With more and more requests coming in daily, mTT wants to continue to grow and develop our TRIUMPH AT HOME programming to help keep our athletes safe and connected and the money raised through Give Big Green Bay will help just this.

We want to thank all of those donors that gave to this noteworthy cause and to the community for supporting the mission at mTT. We also want to thank the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation and the Green Bay Packers for hosting this wonderful event dedicated to celebration and giving. It was an honor to be a part of among so many other 'for impact' organizations in the community.

Together we will TRIUMPH.

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Unknown member
Feb 19, 2021

What a blast! Big thanks to everyone who supported mTT!

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