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Building a community that embraces, celebrates, and empowers those with any ability or disability.

What We Provide.

There are many ways that we work to build a true TEAM! YOU can get involved with myTEAM TRIUMPH on the road to creating inclusive communities.

Inclusive Racing Events

Everyone deserves to cross that finish line. We provide athletes of all abilities and disabilities with the opportunity to take part in local 5Ks, 10Ks and even full marathons and triathlons. mTT takes care of the logistics, equipment and support. 

Person with a disability finishing a marathon.

Social Connection

Training and racing is just the beginning. We aim to encourage Captains and Angels to connect outside of racing to further their relationship. We are building communities. You can become a part of the FAMILY by joining our TEAM of volunteers!

myTEAM TRIUMPH with Green Bay Packer players.

Service Members

Through our Operation Guardian Angel program, active and veteran service members can join mTT as an Angel or Captain free and fully sponsored!

Veteran and active military involved in endurance events helping a person with a disability.

Special Events

We connect with the community by hosting events to build inclusion! These events help us raise money and platform our athletes! The events to look forward to are the Night of TRIUMPH Gala and the Toast to TRIUMPH!

Child with a disability being honored at an event.

Training Runs

From April through October, each of our regions hosts weekly training events. This allows for our Athletes to get comfortable and build relationships.

We are always looking for kind volunteers to help make this possible!

Athlete with a disability in a race chair.

Youth Outreach

Inclusion starts when you're young.  We work to engage our youth as Captains and Angels through outreach presentations and support of school-inclusive events with the use of our specialized racing equipment and staff.

Youth Outreach program for a person with disabilites.


We create community.

 myTEAM TRIUMPH exists to provide the support for people with diverse abilities to come together in training, racing and social events. We aim to address social isolation through a teamwork approach of endurance athletics.

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