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Service Member program and group.


Operation Guardian Angel

A myTEAM TRIUMPH program designed for active or former service members. The program allows for this group to join the TEAM as an Angel (athlete who is able-bodied) or Captain (athlete who has a disability of any variety) with zero cost and fully sponsored!

Operation Guardian Angel Logo


We are a nonprofit that encourages people with disabilities to break barriers by getting involved in endurance race events. Some of these events include 5Ks, 10Ks, and even full Marathons. We also see a need to include active and former service members to be included as well!

In the last 10 years, Veteran suicide rates have increased 47%. One Operation Guardian Angel member speaks on his experience with myTEAM TRIUMPH and how it has positively impacted his life.

Ken Browne states, "What I have found during my involvement with Operation Guardian Angel is that although there may be no more combat, I can still fight for a great cause; and that wearing the Operation Guardian Angel Jersey means the same to me as putting on my service uniform."

"The mental, social, and physical benefits I have noticed for myself and my colleagues over the past three years have been beyond measure. In a contemporary environment where military mental health issues are on the rise and exercise and community are often considered the number one way to stave off those issues, I would encourage you to continue to support us in our efforts for betterment and inclusion in the community."

OGA at Cellcom Green Bay Marathon


Once you decide to be a part of our Operation Guardian Angel program, you feel a sense of camaraderie and purpose with other like-minded individuals. You can give back to your community in a new and exciting way! First complete this application and wait to receive communication from our program coordinator. If approved, you will receive a  code to register for our myTEAM TRIUMPH races.  Fundraising is not required as a member of OGA! Once you register for a race with us - we will send you an Operation Guardian Angel shirt to wear with PRIDE!

As a way to shed more light on you and our service members, we have a Memorial Day run in Hobart, Wisconsin to raise awareness around myTEAM TRIUMPH and Operation Guardian Angel!

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