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myTEAM TRIUMPH athletes with a disability of ANY variety, age, gender, race, etc. They are the heart and soul of our organization and the reason we run!

Here's a guide

myTEAM TRIUMPH is happy to welcome all NEW people with open arms. Here are the basics to help you understand our program, equipment, registration, pre-race communication, and race day logistics. 

myTEAM TRIUMPH at Bellin Run



We are a nonprofit that encourages people with disabilities of all varieties to break barriers by getting involved in endurance race events. Some of these events include 5Ks, 10Ks, and even full Marathons. 

If you join us in an event, you will become a part of the TEAM and family! You will be referred to as a myTEAM TRIUMPH CAPTAIN athlete and we are forever grateful to have you!

Hear it from our Captains...

"MS has changed the way my body works (for or against me)," says Captain Autumn. "myTEAM TRIUMPH has made me feel comfortable with the level of physical participation my body allows and I soon recognized that I was still the same person! Although my body had changed, I was able to adapt and I have reestablished my identity."


Once you sign up for an event with myTEAM TRIUMPH, we take care of everything else! We will match you up with able-bodied athletes called "Angels" who will guide all "Captains" to the finish line with safety!

Each Captain that requires adaptive equipment will be provided a specialized race chair. This will be provided on race day if needed. The Captains and Angels will also be encouraged to participate in training runs held weekly during the season regardless of your disability. 

As a Captain, you will never have to pay to participate in our events! We just want you to have an equal opportunity to cross that finish line with success. Can't wait to see you on the myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin Team. 

For questions please contact us at

Woman with disability in specialized adaptive equipment
myTEAM TRIUMPH at Wonderful Water Run
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