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"Joy Despite Adversity: How One Boy Perseveres through Illness with the Power of Faith & Community!"

Seth Bayles is a truly unforgettable person and myTEAM TRIUMPH is lucky to have him as one of our outstanding Captain athletes! Despite Seth's difficult battle with a rare disease, he has persevered leaving an extraordinary path of impact with each step.

Boy with rare disease participates in the Madison Marathon
Captain Seth and his Angels at his favorite race!

At just 7 years old, Seth became very ill and his sickness appeared to be very aggressive. His mother, Julie, describes going from Doctor to doctor with many never having seen any case like this before but she trusted in God and continued the pursuit to find answers and help for her son.

Seth experiences pain and has a lot going on day in and day out. He often has to swallow 196 pills every week and endures harsh injections of medicine to help him battle the disease. Despite these factors, Seth chooses to TRIUMPH and finds joy even with the highest adversity.

Through thousands of doctor appointments, his progressive medical conditions, and unique challenges he gives a lot of power to his faith in GOD and the support of his family! Seth is extraordinary in more ways than one and he impacts everyone around him.

Power of Community

When Seth was asked while lying in his hospital bed, what he wanted for his high school graduation. Seth responded,

"I want to fundraise for a race chair to donate to my high school so kids of all abilities can race around the track just like other students."

Over $6,000 was raised, and that new race chair that Seth dreamed of was presented to his school at half-time during a basketball game!

Seth's chair has enabled him to participate in the color run at his high school, with proceeds going to his home away from home, The Ronald McDonald House®, as well as an Autism Awareness walk!

Seth is always eager to thank those around him and look for ways to go above and beyond. While receiving varying treatments at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, the family found comfort in The Ronald McDonald House which became a "home away from home." After receiving so much from the House, Seth wanted to give back and get his community involved in the effort.

Seth saw an opening to participate in an ongoing fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House! He noted that the House accepts them, stores them up in a designated area, and then takes them to their local recycler to cash them in. The money is then used to offset the expense of running the Rochester Ronald McDonald House.

Seth soon became recognized as the "pop tab kid" as he aimed to gather 1.6 million aluminum pop tabs and involved many in his community to get involved. Thanks to Seth and many others, The Ronald McDonald House was able to launch its largest expansion and double the capacity to serve more families!

Power of Faith through Illness

Seth and the Bayles Family have leaned on their faith when adversity hit. Seth's favorite bible quote has lead him in many ways including his participation in myTEAM TRIUMPH Events.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength."

This Bible verse is inscribed on the tire covers on Seth's race chair, found the posters fans wave, and wristbands they wear to support Seth in his Journey. On August 21, 2023, Seth celebrated another blessed birthday. Many have said, "It's amazing that kid is still alive!" Seth says,

"It's all God!"

Seth and his family have shown extreme amounts of faith through the most exhausting of times. There family motto soon became "We are Stronger Together." Showing that prayer, community and family has been a key driver through the journey.

Even in his recent medical scare, Seth would pray daily saying,

"Thank you Lord for another day, I know you aren't done with me yet!"

Joy Despite Adversity

The adversity has never stopped Seth from being a true JOY to everyone he encounters. His "never give up" spirit and giving-heart comes through in his lengthy resume of accomplishments with myTEAM TRIUMPH! Captain Seth has participated in over 30 marathons and triathlons around all of his endless medical appointments, treatments and setbacks!

Seth's mom, Julie Bayles, shares,

"Seth was in his first race with my TEAM TRIUMPH at the age of 13. Little did Seth know what he was saying 'YES' to and how it would change his life forever!"

Now Seth's photo can be found on the outside of the myTEAM TRIUMPH cargo van! When racing with us, you can often see Seth sporting his favorite team, the Steelers and possibly collecting pop tabs along the route.

Seth explains how myTEAM TRIUMPH has impacted his perspective.

"It has taken me from focusing on what I can't do to what he CAN do!"

Seth's Journey of Perseverance

Seth is so much more than his disease but his journey has not always been easy. Despite it all, he is a strong advocate, friend, brother, son and avid Steeler's Fan!

Seth has battled with a rare and complex, progressive medical conditions since the age of seven. Despite his unique challenges, his joy through life-altering adversity is both compelling and inspiring!

Seth documents much of his life through his Facebook Page "Seth's Journey." His mother, Julie has also written a book where she shares her family’s journey of faith, resilience, love, and community.

Julie finds purpose in her middle son Seth’s unique journey through rare disease with no cure to encourage the hurting and inspire hope. Readers will be encouraged and inspired to not give up in whatever battles they are fighting and realize they are not alone.

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Purchase "We ARE Stronger Together!: The Extraordinary Story of One Boy's Relentless Joy Despite Fighting a Losing Battle" from Amazon

Community and Faith

Seth and his family is an example of what the power of community and faith can do in times of need. We know that with Seth's determination and heart he will continue to make an impact to everyone around him and beyond. Thank you Captain Seth for being a part of our TEAM!

YOU can support Seth and myTEAM TRIUMPH by donating or getting involved!

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