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Miles with Micaela

Micaela is one of our many amazing athletes at myTEAM TRIUMPH! Micaela is a great person, athlete, and member of our TEAM. Micaela has been a Captain (athlete who has a disability) with myTEAM TRIUMPH since 2017. She was recruited to join the team by one of our Angels, Stacy Brault. Since 2017, Micaela has grown a love for participating in endurance events around the state of Wisconsin.

Micaela explains why she feels inspired to pursue endurance athletics,

"It is the people and community of myTEAM TRIUMPH that inspire me!"

When asked about some of her favorite experiences with mTT she could not leave out

meeting multiple Green Bay Packers players and getting the chance to run through Lambeau Field. Team Micaela ran the Packers 5K with a 28:14 time making her 143 out of a total of 1207 female racers!

Earlier this season, Micaela also had an amazing time at the Bellin 10K.

"We finished in 56:44 minutes and saw 106 dogs!", says Micaela

More on Micaela

When myTEAM TRIUMPH is not in season, Micaela can be found at the hockey rink where she is supporting the St. Norbert College Hockey team!

She is a true Packers fan and animal lover. She often spends time with friends and family camping, eating good food, and enjoying the outdoors. There is no doubt that you can always find Micaela giving back to the community and spreading love wherever she goes.

"Every year I go to Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary, Inc. #houroflove to spend an hour of my time with dogs to help them get their forever homes! This year, I spent time with Ross, Chandler, Joey, and Jethro!"

What's Next for Micaela?

Micaela wants to continue her endurance athletic career with myTEAM TRIUMPH! She has big goals lined up for her future. We know there is no doubt that she will accomplish each and every one of them!

"I hope to complete two ultras in one year: The Runaway to the Bay (55 miles) and the Fall 50!"

YOU can support myTEAM TRIUMPH Captains like Micaela!

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