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Familiar Faces Join our Board of Directors!

We are excited to welcome back our friends, Becki Detaege and Tim Felmer, to the Board of Directors! From Angels to former Board members, both Becki and Tim have been instrumental in moving the myTEAM TRIUMPH WI mission forward throughout their years of involvement.

Becki comes back to us after serving as our Board President and then serving on the myTEAM TRIUMPH National Board of Directors for two years where she lead the advisory committee of Chapter Leaders. She has since retired from Bellin Healthcare.

"I love the otherwise unimaginable experience that myTEAM TRIUMPH provides for people of diverse abilities. Being an Angel and experiencing these events with the Captains has been life changing for me."

Tim, also a former Board President and founding board member for our Wisconsin Chapter works as a Talent Optimization Specialist for SALTed and is co-owner of Discovery Health Healing Center in Green Bay.

“I’m back!!  10 years ago when my wife, Kelly, asked if I wanted to meet with Christian Jensen (didn’t know who this guy was) at a coffee shop in downtown Green Bay to discuss starting “something” new.  After listening to Christian's ideas and how something I enjoyed so much would impact so many others, I was all in!  I’ve been sitting on the bench for the past 3 years.  I feel this is a good time to jump back in and help further the purpose of MTT-Wisconsin.  As a board member, I’m always available to hear what you have to say.  I want to thank the current board for offering me a front row seat to the most awesome organization."

We are excited to officially welcome them both back to the team and look forward to getting to work on new and exciting ways to further the myTEAM TRIUMPH WI mission!

Interested in joining our Board of Directors? Email Christian Jensen at

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