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Captain Joey

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I was born 10 weeks prematurely, with a grade 4 brain bleed, collapsed lungs, and pneumonia, spending 88 days in the NICU. Parents were told I’d never sit or walk…I’m doing both! I’m a published author and motivational speaker, speaking to schools about anti bullying and how to include, not exclude, differently abled individuals.

I’ve been with mTT for going on about 6 years now. I do local races like the Cellcom, Packer 5k, and my favorite, the Bellin Run. I wasn’t sure on whether to join mTT at first, but tried a training run through the support of a friend, and the rest is history. I’ve become a Captain Ambassador, doing speeches with and for mTT all over the state. I like to call mTT my “second family” because of the relationship building we preach and I’ve gained with fellow Angels and Captains, both on and off the track.

Check out the recent photos and videos of Joey HERE

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