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Breaking News: Forrest Gump joins Miles for Triumph Challenge

Forrest Gump, Greenbow Alabama is known for being awarded the Medal of Honor for his service in Vietnam, starting Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, becoming a world champion ping pong player sponsored by Flexolite Ping Pong Paddles and running back and forth across the country for three years during the “Jogging Craze” between 1978-1981.

Forrest resides in his childhood home in Greenbow. Forrest is still very active running 22-80 miles per day. He recently heard the news about the Miles for Triumph program and sent a telegram to the staff at mTT. Forrest has committed to doing another non stop run this time down the main (and only street) in Pulaski WI with Captain Joey Pancakes Christensen as part of the Northeast Region team.

When asked why he chose Pulaski as his destination of choice he commented,

Cause there’s only one thing better than juicy shrimp...that’s Pancakes and a side of Sundrop Soda!

Over the course of 2 months, Forrest hopes to run more than 4,000 miles. He encourages anyone to come and run with him and to make a donation at the website below since all donations will be matched.

Donations in honor of Forrest can be made online here:!/donation/checkout

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Stephanie Tlusty
Stephanie Tlusty
01 abr 2020

Love it!

Me gusta
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