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The Power of Inclusion: A Father-Son Duo Running Together towards the Finish Line

Chris Mrdutt and his son Mason Mrdutt are long-time, beloved athletes with myTEAM TRIUMPH! The father-son duo, have been involved with myTEAM TRIUMPH for 8 years, and have crossed many finish lines together!

Father-Son Duo race together for disability inclusion

The duo got started on their journey after Ryan Maahs, a Wisconsin endurance athlete, asked if he could run with Mason. Shortly after, Chris took on the challenge himself and found myTEAM TRIUMPH as a way to connect with his son while staying active! Since the first race with his son Mason, Chris has been hooked.

"I enjoy getting Mason to the finish lines. I now find it weird when I do runs without him," says Chris.

Mason, who is diagnosed with Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome (a deletion of the 22q11 chromosome) and cortical dysplasia, truly enjoys racing with his dad! He loves seeing all the people on the racecourse who cheer him on along the way. Mason can be seen sending an occasional wave to the myTEAM TRIUMPH fans.

Crossing Finish Lines

Mason and Chris have competed in many events with myTEAM TRIUMPH! When asked about his most memorable races, Chris expresses his love for the Mosinee Firecracker and the Stevens Point Wonderful Water run.

Last year, Mason and Chris competed in their first full Triathlon in Door County, Wisconsin! Even though Mason & Chris thought this race was a bit challenging, Mason always enjoys seeing all the new places.

Chris is determined to continue his endurance racing efforts and improve himself every year. A triathlon is no small feat, especially when an Angel like Chris pulls, pushes, and guides their Captain to the finish line. However, this does not stop his motivation to compete.

Chris says,

"I was not able to finish the swim portion at the Door County Triathlon this past year. I was attempting to pull my son and daughter. I will never forget that feeling and it will burn in me till I can complete it."

The Power of Inclusion

Both Chris and Mason embody the mission and vision of myTEAM TRIUMPH. Chris is a loyal Board Member, advocate, and believer in the organization. When asked what his favorite aspect of myTEAM TRIUMPH is, he expressed his love for seeing the impact mTT has on the Captains (athletes with disabilities).

Mason also loves being a part of the TEAM of myTEAM TRIUMPH. Mason's favorite part is being able to cross that finish line at each race.

"I enjoy when Mommy and sister surprise me at the finish lines with new toys or plushies!"

More on the Duo

When myTEAM TRIUMPH is not in season, Chris can be found duck hunting with the family dog Sadie, fishing, and going on trips with his wife Jen. Besides endurance athletics, he also loves watching his nieces and nephews compete in hockey.

Chris is a family man who enjoys spending time at the cabin and can often be found making different recipes with various wild game animals.

Mason enjoys watching his favorite cartoons and train videos. He likes to hang out with his myTEAM TRIUMPH family at the weekly social runs. He often can be seen sharing his favorite videos with other Captains.

Mason loves his Mario and Peppa Pig plushies but never forgets to drop a few along the way on his training runs each week.

What's Next for the Father-Son Duo?

Mason and Chris are not done yet! They have big goals lined up that they are looking forward to accomplishing. Mason is looking forward to doing more training events in Stevens Point along the Wisconsin River.

Chris says,

"Mason and I hopefully will push ourselves to do multiple marathons this year!"

Both Mason and Chris are a huge part of the North Central Region of myTEAM TRIUMPH! We are so lucky that they are a part of our TEAM and we have no doubt that they will accomplish all of their goals!

myTEAM TRIUMPH gives people with disabilities their finish line.

YOU can support Mason & Chris by Donating to help us "Finish 2023 Strong Together!"

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