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LET'S ROLL: Our NE region kicked off the 2020 season in a big (and safe) way!

Global Running Day proved to be the perfect day to move forward under our new TRIUMPH SAFE guidelines and host our very first regional training run of the 2020 season.

Last night, 6 Captains arrived to Voyageur Park ready to #RunLikeAngels and the local volunteer team was ready for them. From providing an on site best practices guide to carefully cleaning equipment and remaining physically distanced, the North East region was vigilant in abiding by the new TRIUMPH SAFE protocals.

Any of the concerns we had prior to our first gathering were quickly dispelled when our participants began to arrive. After getting a quick temperature check, everyone quickly settled in and for the first time in a quite a while, the mTT day finally felt "normal".

Faster teams led the group onto the paved trail and enjoyed hearing the hoots and hollers from other runners, walkers and cyclists. "Way to go Captains & Angels!", "Great to see you out here mTT!" and "I've missed seeing you!", gave the teams just one more reason to smile.

The evening exposed areas of opportunity to improve safety measures even further but more importantly, it showed that together, we can TRIUMPH SAFE. The mission is stronger than ever at myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin because of the people behind it; YOU!

Thank you to everyone that took this huge step forward alongside us and to the dedicated group of volunteers that helped bring it all together.

Interested in joining one of our evening training runs? CLICK HERE >>

Can't make it to a training evening or just not quite ready to be in a group yet? No problem! During this time, we are loaning out our race chairs for your personal use for free. CLICK HERE >> to learn more about our chair rental program.

We can't wait to see you all soon!

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