It's more than just a chair.



Time together.




DID YOU KNOW that you can rent a myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin race chair for FREE? 

That's right! We want to make sure that anyone wanting to #RunLikeAngels has the ability to do so, form the comfort of their own home. 

It's easy to do! Simply CLICK HERE and fill out the rental agreement.  After that, we will be in contact with you to schedule your pick up location. 


Enjoy bike rides?


We do too!  All myTEAM TRIUMPH race chairs can easily be converted into a trailer and attached to your bike.


Purchase a Chair?


Do you want the ability to go for a walk, run or bike ride on days other than race day?  Would you like to show up to training runs knowing that the equipment you'll be using is just right for your unique needs?


Purchasing your own race chair from myTEAM TRIUMPH WI is as easy as 1...2...3? 

  1. Review the options from the Adaptive Star Website

  2. Download and complete the measurement chart

  3. Email Christian Jensen for pricing & ordering information.

  4. Impatiently wait 60-90 days while your custom chair is being constructed. 

  5. Jump for joy when your person race chair is delivered to your home. 


Official vendor of Adaptive Star

mobility products. 

Sponsor Chair Rentals


A race chair brings freedom of the outdoors to people with disabilities and enhances physical and mental health. With your help, we will provide people with disabilities complimentary use of our adaptive wheel chairs so they can get outdoors and connect with others during this time. We will offer this opportunity to family members in the same home and then eventually to friends and family outside of the home.


Cost: $50 per Captain per month

  • $150 - One Captain for three months

  • $750 - Five Captains, for three months

  • $1,500 - Ten Captains for three months





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1406 South Jackson Street

Green Bay WI 54301

For more info contact:

Christian Jensen 920-288-2359