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Welcome Mike Lodl to the Board of Directors

We are honored to welcome Mike Lodl, Director of Global Project One Manufacturing at Trek Bikes to our Board of Directors

"I am elated and appreciative to be increasing my involvement with mTT. The passion shown by the Captains, Angels, and overall organization is so infectious. It has drawn me in and I look forward to furthering the mission of fighting social isolation and forming incredible relationships. This is a great group to be with and I hope to be a part of making it even better!"

myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin is led by a Board of Directors to provide governance, strategic input and make powerful connections toward our mission in the community.

To learn more about our leadership team, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about our Board of Directors opportunity or to apply, CLICK HERE

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Emily Ramthun
Emily Ramthun
Feb 05, 2022

Congrats Mike!


Debra Vandenberg
Debra Vandenberg
Feb 03, 2022

Congratulations Mike!

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