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Thank You To Our Partners in TRIUMPH

When you have a partner in the community, it's awesome! When you have a few partners in the same community coming together to simply do go...that is a true blessing that needs to be recognized and celebrated!

The mission in our myTEAM TRIUMPH WI Lake Geneva Region is as strong as ever despite all that has happened this last year. With a dedicated team of volunteer leaders and community partners, our athletes with disabilities have been able to continue to experience rockin' opportunities in their own backyard. (Insert a giant round of applause!)

Last month, TreadHead Cycling donated a portion of their proceeds from their Community Bike Swap sales to the myTEAM TRIUMPH WI mission. Additionally, they have donated 5 brand new adjustable helmets to our Captains/Angels which will replace our old/expired helmets. Avant Cycle Cafe helped with the purchase of the helmets at a discounted cost.

This week, we tested out those new helmets when we teamed up with Avant Cycle Cafe & TreadHead Cycling for an Inclusive Breakfast Bike Ride. What a great day to TRIUMPH!

If you haven't yet checked out these partners in the Lake Geneva area, do it! You won't regret it. And while you're there, tell them that we say THANK YOU for supporting the mission at myTEAM TRIUMPH WI! #RunLikeAngels

TreadHead Cycling believes in T.R.E.A.D. Training Riding Education Advocacy Diversity
Our goal is to give riders of all ability levels and riding styles a fun and positive environment to explore the joy of riding a bike. We are dedicated to promoting bicycle riding in all its splendid forms with a focus on helping fellow TreadHeads get the most out of his or her riding experience. In addition to this, we aim to bring the Club T.R.E.A.D. spirit back to the roads and trails we ride, through regular involvement in bicycle advocacy projects.
Avant - Crafted coffee and Trek Bikes, there's no better pairing! Trek, Bontrager, Pearl Izumi will cover your riding needs. We roast our coffee in-house, you can enjoy your drink with a decadent pastry or tasty bagel. Drink Coffee - Ride Bikes!
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