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Captain Teddy

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I’m a spunky 6-year-old boy who’s been running with MTT for 4 seasons. Mom was so excited for me to join MTT that she asked if there was a minimum age for Captains and emphasized that I’d be 3 by my first race (barely). I’m in constant motion unless I’m racing-then the chair does the work, so I can relax. I love playgrounds and anything I can ride from golf carts to tractors to 4-wheelers. My favorite place to be is outside, no matter the season. I have a super rare genetic disorder (and was the 15th person in the world diagnosed with it) that makes everything a bit harder for me. But I’m super persistent and have learned to do all sorts of cool things like walk and ride my bike. I make friends everywhere I go with my huge smile and outgoing personality.

My first race was the Fox Cities 5k, and my mom and to friends were my Angels. Since then I’ve done several races a year, some planned months in advance and some spur of the moment. I’ve had my aunt and uncle as angels and my buddy from Michigan who runs for me. She and her husband came over to do the Bellin with me, which was incredible! Not only do I get to do races, but Mom and I run nearly every week with the Fox Cities training runs. I love being outside, seeing my friends and playing in the trailer that stores the chairs. Everyone with MTT is so friendly and accepting!

This coming year, I’m hoping to try a sprint triathlon for the first time. I hope to do the Bellin run, the Oshkosh 5k and the Fox Cities 5k. I’ve done the EAA 5k several times, and that’s always fun. I’m hoping to run a race with my teacher this year since he’s a runner

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