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A TRIUMPH for Gender & Disability

“We need to reach that happy stage of our development when differences and diversity are not seen as sources of division and distrust, but of strength and inspiration.”

- Josefa Iloilo

Olympian Deedra Irwin celebrates myTEAM TRIUMPH half marathon finish.
Olympian Deedra Irwin celebrates myTEAM TRIUMPH half marathon finish.

It is important to celebrate the TRIUMPHS that promote strength, togetherness, and equity for all individuals! From women empowerment to disability inclusion, myTEAM TRIUMPH was happy to be a part of the Bellin Women's Half Marathon in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This event partnered with a local charity, The Women's Fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, in hopes of investing in women for a stronger community.

Inclusion for All

MyTEAM TRIUMPH along with the Women's fund has a goal of investing in building communities! myTEAM TRIUMPH focuses on disability inclusion and combating social isolation for this community.

With these two major minority groups, women and people with disabilities, we have made major improvements in making equality a priority. However, women are still significantly more likely than men to be homeless, live in poverty, be unemployed or under-employed, face violence, and suffer inadequate housing and healthcare.

Additionally, disability discrimination is no small matter. In fact, disability claims were the most commonly reported type of discrimination in 2020, with 24,324 claims filed. The second most common discrimination claim was for race, with 22,064.

Fearless Female

For the Bellin Women's Half Marathon, one of our longtime volunteers, Stacy Brault, was awarded the title of Fearless Female!

With the myTEAM TRIUMPH - Wisconsin Chapter, Stacy promotes inclusion and is dedicated to ensuring everyone has a place in endurance sports! She devotes countless hours to the organization, running, and bonding with athletes with disabilities (Captains). She spreads her enthusiasm and encourages others to get involved!

Congratulations, Stacy! Thank you for all you do for myTEAM TRIUMPH, women empowerment, and ensuring everyone can experience the thrill of crossing the finish line.

Watch more on Stacy and her story below.

Marathon & 5K TRIUMPH Moments

MyTEAM TRIUMPH teams took on the Bellin Women's Half Marathon to support the cause of women and disability inclusion!

There was so much to celebrate, so many special moments, and finish lines crossed! It was a great reminder that everyone deserves their finish line. Everyone deserves their celebration. Everyone deserves their medal.


myTeamTriumph Disability Inclusion

You can help support the goal of disability inclusion by becoming a volunteer, donating, or becoming an mTT athlete.

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