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Crew Spotlight: Liz Keith

Learn more about one of our most dedicated Crew members!

Meet Liz Keith of the Southeast Region with MyTEAM TRIUMPH – WISCONSIN. After joining in 2014, Liz has been actively involved in many training runs and races alike. Liz is active in both the running and triathlon worlds, as well as being a regional leader and mTT Ambassador. Hear what Liz had to share about myTeam Triumph and its impact.

When did you first hear about myTEAM TRIUMPH?

Ashley Dougvillo came to a Kenosha Running Club meeting asking for angels. I signed up and ran the Wisconsin Half Marathon with Captain Adam in 2014.

What is your greatest memory with myTEAM TRIUMPH?

Crossing the finish line with first time captain Amanda Meyer at the Brewers event last year. We we’re able to walk her across while Mom and Dad watched. Tears in everyone’s eyes!

What is your favorite event with myTEAM TRIUMPH?

Ironman Wisconsin. Love the teamwork and motivation to get those captains to the finish line of one of the biggest events we have!

If you’re not doing something with myTEAM TRIUMPH what are you doing?

Knitting, baking, reading, and my real job (network administrator).

What impact has myTEAM TRIUMPH had on your lives?

Since joining the mTT family, my mind set has turned from in the box thinking to out of the box thinking. I find myself asking more and more, how can we include everyone more. How can this be changed to improve everyone involved.

What is your favorite inspiration quote?

Be the first rate version of yourself, not the second rate version of someone else – Judy Garland.

What advice would you give anyone thinking about joining myTEAM TRIUMPH?

Open your heart and mind to inclusion and you can change someone’s world.

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