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Tracking your physical activity is really fun and simple in the Miles for TRIUMPH Challenge.  We are primarily utilizing the Challenge Runner application as the main hub for the leaderboards and to log your activity.  Check out the links above to download the app on your phone.  Or, you can navigate to the website.

After you register, navigate to the link in your confirmation email to be added to the Challenge Runner group.

Connect your device: Tracking your running and cycling in the challenge is best done through a Strava account. Strava is basically a social network for your workouts.  If you don't prefer to use Strava, here's a list of all the connected service you can sync:

  • Fitbit

  • Garmin

  • Google Fit Online

  • Misfit

  • Withings (Nokia)

  • Omron

  • Polar

  • Strava

  • Apple Health

  • Google Fit Mobile

  • Samsung Health

Once you set up your account, click on the User Profile section and sync your tracker. See the screenshot below

For the running and cycling challenges, synced data from your device is preferred. If you don't have a smart watch, you can use the Strava application on your smart phone to either "record" or manually add your running and cycling workouts.  Check out the video

Using Strava

When cross training, use the Challenge Runner app to log your minutes.  Check out this video

Logging X Training

How to track your cross training minutes via text message

Text your minutes
Text your minutes

How to track your outdoor running and biking using Apple Health

Text your minutes
Apple Health


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