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Everyone deserves their finish line

How Captain Sponsorship Works

Sponsoring a Captain is a personal way to provide inclusion for athletes with disabilities.

For $25 per month, you’ll help a specific Captain as well as other Captains build lasting friendships and self confidence through inclusive community athletics.

You can learn about some of our Captains below and choose to sponsor each of them individually or sponsor Captains in general!

Are you a Captain that wants to be sponsored?  Note, this is not required to participate with mTT.  You can apply here


 If you’d like us to choose a Captain for you that is need of a sponsor, click the button below to get started.

What your sponsored Captain gets

  • Complimentary entry into mTT community racing events

  • Use of specialized racing wheelchairs, bike trailers, boats, trikes, etc

  • Increased self confidence to be more involved in the community

  • Any encouraging letters, messages or packages you send

  • Supportive weekly training runs, rides and swims during the season

How it works

What you get as a sponsor

  • Welcome packet from the organization introducing you to your Captain

  • Post race reports from Captain and organization via email, letter or video

  • Chance to participate as a volunteer or Angel alongside your Sponsored Captain

  • Invitation to our annual Gala


Does my $25 per month go directly to the Captain?

As a Captain Sponsor, you will be connected with one specific Captain.  But, Captains do not receive direct cash benefits.  Your monthly donation is pooled for maximum effectiveness.  You join forces with other sponsors to fund long-term inclusion efforts for their Captain and others in their community.

To Captains need to be sponsored in order to participate?

No.  Being a sponsored Captain is completely optional to participate. 

Do Captains need to find their own sponsors?

This is not necessary.  However should you like to be active in this process, you certainly can.

How long is my sponsorship commitment?

Your Sponsorship commitment is an ongoing commitment that helps sponsor your Captain and their community to become more inclusive.

How long will I be able to sponsor the same Captain?

Your sponsorship is a long-term commitment.  Most of our Captains participate with mTT for multiple years as it is a great way for them to build life long relationships.

Sponsorships may end for a variety of reasons such as a Captain not being able to continue to participate for health reasons.

If your Captain is no longer able to be sponsored, we will notify you of a new Captain that your sponsorship will support.

Can someone apply to be a sponsored Captain?

Any Captain can apply by clicking HERE.

What is myTEAM TRIUMPH's commitment to transparency and impact?

We have been recognized as a Platinum level Guidestar organization.  See our profile HERE.  Also, read our impact report HERE

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