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Welcome Tim Muldoon to the Board of Directors

We are honored to be welcoming Tim Muldoon to our Board of Directors!

Tim is a Commercial Underwriter at Acuity Insurance

Tim is no stranger to endurance events. Since 2012 he has participated in a plethora of different events including Ironman Wisconsin and a 100-mile ultramarathon in Arizona. In the past few years, he has taken joy in pacing marathons and participating in 12 Hours of Road America (now Endurafest) since its inception.

“For me, endurance events are a holiday, my ‘Christmas’. People from all different backgrounds with different motivations come together and move forward along the same route until the end. Crossing that finish line is a special moment, it’s truly hard to describe. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to take part in these events and mTT strives to provide this opportunity for all. I look forward to being part of this great organization, focusing on building an inclusive community within the endurance world.”

Please join us in welcoming Tim to the Board!

For more information on our team of Board, Staff and Crew and how you can get involved, CLICK HERE

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