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Race Fundraising

Maximizing your fundraising page

We are grateful you are joining us for the big event.  In this step, we have some more fundraising tips and tricks for you.  Before we get into that, definitely make sure you reference the last step regarding creating your connected facebook fundraising page as those who do this raise on average $250.

Set up your page

This step in the series will focus on taking the facebook fundraiser to the next level.  


  1. Invite your friends to give.  Based on your goal amount, facebook will recommend how many people to invite to give in order to reach your goal.  They make it very easy for you to click through these invites.  When you do choose to invite someone to give, they will receive a notification on facebook and also a reminder at a later date if they haven’t given.  

  2. Post in the fundraiser.  Ramp up your posts in your facebook fundraising page as the event nears.  Here’s a suggested order you could use for your posts

    • Welcome - educate your friends and family to what you are doing and why it’s important to you.

    • Introduce your teammates.  As you are assigned to your teammates for the big event, introduce them to your friends and family with a post.

    • Training updates.  As you personally are training or you are training for your teammates, post pictures, videos or even do a live video about your progress.  Keep them involved in the process.

    • Race week. Share all the emotions. You’re pumped, a little nervous, all the above!  Be authentic and proud!

    • Race day.  This is a great time to post and share as your donors and friends will get to see the impact of what a donation does!  

  3. Different ways to share your fundraiser

    • You can post on the fundraising page as we’ve highlighted above.  You can easily access your page from your personal profile

    • You can share your fundraising page on your feed or in groups directly from the fundraiser.

    • You can ask your friends to donate a share on their page also

    • You can post your fundraising page to stories.  This is especially great when you are posting on race day.

    • Copy and paste the link to your facebook fundraising page so you can share it on email, twitter, text or any other platform

    • Add your fundraising page link in your bio on facebook, instagram, linked in, your email signature, etc.


In our next step we will provide some tips and tricks for race day and post race posts - CLICK HERE

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