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myTEAM TRIUMPH WI Ambassadors

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Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Be a myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin advocate & show off the gear ! Be a person mTT and its sponsors would be proud to associate with. Wear mTT logoed items when possible. Fly the colors proud! Be active in your community and give back to those around you! Each ambassador expected to fulfill 20 volunteer hours at myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin events or sponsor events. Online presence! Use personal social media accounts (ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and other forums to discuss myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin events, your personal myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin journey, trainings, etc. Include the hashtag #runlikeangels and tag using @myteamtriumphwi Provide feedback! Tell us what we can do to support you in your ambassador efforts. Work with the regional Outreach Manager to schedule group/individual meets or presentations. Participate in incentive programs, trainings, and town halls hosted by Ambassador Lead. What myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin Provides to Our Ambassadors: Program incentives based on hours volunteered. Special myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin ambassador swag shop. Gear incentives for recruiting new angels, captains, triumph members & top monthly social media engagement. Online support and access to the latest organizational/brand information. Annual Ambassador Bash - private group celebration, training, and work day.

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