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22 Miles to Triumph

Join us in celebrating the 2022 myTEAM TRIUMPH season of inclusion by logging 22 miles or running, walking or rolling before Thanksgiving all while raising funds for mTT!

Over the course of the 2022 season, myTEAM TRIUMPH participated in 54 inclusive events, provided 4,500 inclusive training opportunities and celebrated 710 finish lines for our athletes with diverse abilities!

To get started, navigate over to our Facebook page and join the challenge!

Facebook Fundraiser Tips and Tricks
  1. Set a big but achievable goal.  Remember you can always raise it.  We recommend around $250

  2. Invite!  Use the invite feature within your page to ask your family and friends to support you

  3. Share the link to your Facebook fundraiser via email and text

  4. Host an in person event to supplement your online efforts

  5. Update.  Updates are powerful.  It's another way to give an inspiring nudge to anyone who you've invited to give who hasn't yet and to celebrate with those who have.  Here's some ways you can update in your fundraising page...

    1. Post updates within your fundraiser regularly.  

    2. Post about your progress, share stories from our mission.  

    3. Do a live video inside your fundraiser.  You can do this during mTT training runs, races or even when you feel like you have a great story to tell.

    4. Feel free to use any of our inspirational photos we've collected

  6. Thank.  When someone donates to your page, thank them!  PRO TIP - Thank with a post.  Share your fundraising page and mention the individual who donated.  This will not only thank them for their gift but also keep spreading the word about your campaign

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